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Creative Touch 5-Series 65" premium interactive flat panel display

The new-gen Creative Touch 5 Series premium interactive flat panel displays provide excellent collaboration and connectivity features for any classroom or business space. Premium wireless collaboration software Creative Cast Pro are preinstalled to enable seamless interactivity from a variety of different devices. The included quick-draw pen instantly activates the whiteboard application, saving the time and energy spent on having to manually change modes.

With a slim, narrow-bezel, high-end design the 5 Series will fit seamlessly into any environment. The screen features a 0-0.8mm air gap for natural touch functionality so you can write clearly and confidently with improved accuracy. Meeting room scheduling is simplified with the included Joan meeting widget and app, a collaborative calendar tool that seamlessly pairs with popular calendars to take the guesswork out of meeting room availability directly. Book meetings on the spot or through your existing desktop calendar and mobile phone.


Creative Cast Pro for wireless collaboration

Connect and share across multiple platfroms

Create, connect and collaborate effortlessly with Creative Board

Ready-to-use whiteboard featuring built-in annotation tools

Ultra-versatile quick launch pen created for teachers

Start any lesson in seconds

Designed for hybrid working

Teach and collaborate from separate locations in real-time

Ultra HD 4K Resolution

With over eight million pixels, Ultra HD 4K resolution brings four times more detail than Full HD, to deliver sharper, life-like images and richer colours - allowing you to sit closer to the screen and enjoy a more immersive experience.

Ultra HD 4K Resolution

TUV Certified Low Blue Light Display

The built-in low blue light mode helps reduce eyestrain and tiredness by minimising the blue light output from the display.

TUV Certified Low Blue Light Display

Connect Across Platforms

Connect any device.

Our CreativeCast Pro™ app with the exclusive color aid technology can let you connect your device easily and share your content to the big screen wirelessly. Screen mirror high-quality images, video, documents and audio from your smartphone, laptop or PC – all with a touch of a button. Bringing your own device has never been easier. Furthermore, teachers can use moderation mode to start wireless classes or students can use remote view to make notes on their devices directly.

Connect Across Platforms

Optoma quick-draw pen

Be ready to start any lesson in seconds. The included quick-draw pen instantly activates the whiteboard application, saving the time and energy spent on having to manually change modes.

Optoma quick-draw pen

Connect easily

Sync with your cloud accounts to plan your lessons from anywhere, at any time. As Creative Board is a cloud-based platform, you can access your lesson materials from any Optoma Creative Touch 5-Series IFPD in your school

Google Classroom & Single-sign-on (SSO) support.

Teachers can easily create and import lesson materials anywhere. With Single-sign-on (SSO), you can quickly sync with Google Classroom bringing the benefits of paperless sharing and digital collaboration to the classroom. Teachers can now work on their lesson plans from home, and instantly bring them to any classroom.

Our Floating Toolbar Makes Learning Smoother

Change tools at a touch

Easily move and position the toolbar anywhere on the infinity canvas. Instantly select tools, such as an eraser, ruler and highlighter, change colours or import images to enhance any lesson.

Enhance your lessons and keep ideas flowing

Easily drag and drop images and video content from the embedded browser directly into the Creative Board canvas.

Infinity Canvas

Never Run Out of Space During A Lesson

With the ability to draw anywhere, insert images and shapes, all of which can be saved, printed or shared with student devices, the infinity canvas will not limit your creativity and expands your workspace!

Optoma File Manager

Optoma file manager allows users to manage files and folders. Users can also access cloud drives and browse, create, rename, copy, move and delete files.

Optoma File Manager

AirShare voting tools

Bring enthusiasm and engagement to meetings and classrooms, and collect valuable feedback instantly with the voter tool.

AirShare voting tools

Screen recording

Optoma Creative Touch Series comes with video recording functionality that allows teachers to record their lectures or businesses to record their meetings for preparation or review purposes.

Screen recording

Dual app mode

This allows you to view two apps on your device at the same time. Use dual app mode to view content while you scan related Office documents - turning your IFPD into the ultimate multi-tasking device.

Dual app mode


Peace of Mind.

Teachers can have peace of mind knowing their IT managers can support them remotely using Optoma’s Management Suite (OMS) solution. IT managers can monitor and diagnose issues with any display so teachers aren’t left in the dark. Teachers can also set alerts and broadcast emergency announcements.

Reactiv SUITE

Elevate remote or in-person meetings. Transform your presentations into powerful storytelling moments with Vizetto Reactiv SUITE™ software - included with your Optoma interactive flat panel display.
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